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John Ex RLC!

I was at the priory in Marchwood undergoing treatment for Alcohol dependency and other mental health issues, when I was visited by someone from the MOD who informed me that I was to be medically discharged from the service.

I was given a preliminary date of around September throughout the resettlement process I was given little or no information with regards to housing, entitlement to benefits, processes for war pensions or other relevant information. I only became aware of entitlements after leaving and been given the information either by citizens advice or by word of mouth from other ex-service personnel.

With the help I have received from Soldiers off the Street, even visiting me in hospital every day, then on my release they picked me up with new clothing to take me to my new flat that they had got for me.

Even with all this help it still did not work out for me, so they have now got me into a programme for ex forces where I am beginning to get my life back on track and can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. But it does not end there Soldiers off the Street do not just leave you to get on with it, every now and then Bill and Marie Murray the founders of Soldiers off the Street will drop in unannounced and if any of us have not been towing the line we know we are in for a roasting, but this only makes us all more determined not to let them down and get our lives back to normal.


Thank you for reading the lads stories but please remember there are 000’s of ex-service personnel still out there living on the streets of Britain that need help, we can do our best but we cannot help them all.

We keep hearing the government talking about the Covenant but with all the redundancies coming up the time for talking is over and if nothing is put in place now the plight of the homeless ex forces will only get worse!

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