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Here you can see a few photos of lads and couples that we have re-homed, you will see we do not show any faces or give any names of our clients, the only time you will see a photo of any lad we have helped will be on our testimonial page, these are lads that after we have helped them have come on board and work with us at Soldiers off the Street and wanted to have their say in the hope they will be helping others that find themselves homeless!

It you click on any of the photos it will enlarge so you can have a better view of it.


Welcome to the soldiers off the street web site, we are a Registered Charity No. 1137594 Registered Scotland No. SC042204. We have been Registered since 26 August 2010 with a dedicated group of people determined to help the forgotten ex service personnel whose lives have been affected by homelessness.We all think they deserve better after going through the traumatic experience of war in far off lands, what they have been through for the country they love, to be forgotten and homeless is a national disgrace. That we intend to put right for as many as we can!


Although the charity in called Soldiers off the Street we do not deal with just soldiers we help all ex-service personnel Army, RAF and RN past and present not just present conflict.


The charity's objects (the Objects) are the relief of charitable need of homeless ex-service personnel, in particular but not exclusively by the provision of clothing, food and rehabilitation, including advice on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, alcoholism, drug abuse, housing and employment.


If you would like to help us help forgotten ex service personnel whose lives have been affected by homelessness.Please give generously if you cannot why not just give the price of a pint if we met in a pub you would not think twice about buying me a pint would you, it all helps.

100% of all donations goes into the running of S.O.T.S Thank you from all those that cannot thank you themselves!




                        STATEMENT OF INTENT.


We and our staff, remain under constant, harassment and attack, both verbally and physically, from those misinformed individuals, who seek to disrupt the Charities activities. Their seemingly endless 'Trolling' and Bullying tactics, will only harm our efforts, along with others, to continue to help those Veterans who depend on our support. The necessary authorities have been informed of their nefarious activities. We are very much supported by our very loyal supporters who , like us, are disgusted at these Bullies activities. We will continue in providing much needed support to all those Veterans who call upon or need our help, just like we have done in the past and we intend to do in the future. All transparent and for all to see. Thank you all for your support, we will make a difference, we must!!

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The question we should all ask ourselves; how many of these young men and women that can hold their heads up high with pride, with us sharing their pride with them, will end up homeless on the streets where most people would not even give them the time of day.


Luckily there are not many of them compared to the number of ex-service personal, but we feel one is one too many, we intend to do the best we can with your help to help those in need. They did their best for us now it is our turn to do our best for them.


If you are ex-services when you see a homeless person, think to yourself not there is a tramp, but he or she could be ex-services the same as you and there by the grace of god go I.

















Here at Veterans Radio Net we say a Veteran is “ANY MAN OR WOMAN”

who ever has or still is wearing the Cloth of our Nation”

Navy, Army or Air Force Whether you served 60 years ago or are serving now Whether you served a few weeks or 20 odd years

If you had the “Balls” to “Stand up” and be counted THEN YOU ARE A VETERAN” You and your Families are part of this Family! Click on banner to tune in.

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